Twenty Eight And Still Miraculously Kicking. And Screaming. And Baking.
pretty rustic, because, um, I'm rustic and this was my birthday cake? Refrigerate the cake, uncovered birthday cake best birthday cake
He Who Shall Not Be Named Ruins A Day That I Don't Feel Like Talking About (I Made Cake)
with Peanut Butter Ganache seemed... lengthy. So bear with the title. Not Birthday Cake, Because But not birthday cake. Apparently that would be sad. And I am not one to be sad. This isn't sad birthday cake some Not Birthday (and Not Sad) Cake, and listening to Biggie, throwing my hands in the air, because
Peanut, Peanut Butter... And Pumpkin! (And Complaining, Because Duh.)
) on Oct 8, 2016 at 5:11pm PDT And no, I did *not* make my birthday cake this year. Though I have
This Blog Celebrates A Birthday...And So Does The Man Who Dislikes It!
big sugar fiends (yes, I know, I also suspect I was adopted) polished off the rest of this cake a couple of days after dad's birthday. You never cease to surprise me, Pops. know I didn't really make this for Easter. This was actually a birthday cake for my dad, who normally
The Ugly Cry Is Nature's Netipot...And Other Things You Learn While You're NOT Baking
. Actually it was a cold mess, as most birthday cakes are. So I guess I'd call it a success. Moving on
Do Not Yell Fire In A Crowded Theatre. Do Yell Fire When You Set Your Cake Aflame.
baking, I decided to tackle making my own birthday cake. This is not sad or pathetic, but is
Sad Shibow's Checkered Recent Past (Mostly The Cake Is Checkered)
. I think I may have eaten more of this cake than the birthday boy did. No, wait. We probably had
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