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Money Can’t Buy Happiness. But It Can Buy Netflix And Large Quantities of Granulated Sugar Sooo…

As many of you probably know by now, I tend to become obsessed with, and then unhealthily attached to, certain pop culture phenomenons which I seem to have trouble moving on from– see: Hologram Tupac, Hobbits. My latest? ROAD HOUSE. Was anyone ever going to tell me about Road House, or was I just supposed to […]


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Geez…Who WAS That Masked Intruder? Ah Well…Let’s Get Sticky!

Ok, guys, let me start with the big question: who was that whiny twit womanning this blog in the last few posts? I was reading them and was all, “What’s her champagne problem now? Let me save up my rupees and see if I can come up with enough dough to buy her the tiniest […]