1. Why Shibow?

(Rhymes with “rib-cow”) I really wish there were a better story for this. I’m pretty sure everyone who knows me knows the answer to this question, and those who don’t know have just been too disturbed by the moniker to ask. I’ve tried passing it off as a gang name that I stole from the “real” Shibow when I offed her. I am 5’1 and cry during Johnson & Johnson commercials, so obviously no one believes this. True story: When my younger sister Sylvia was just learning to speak, she couldn’t pronounce my real name, so this nickname just sort of stuck. The rest is mind-numbingly boring history.

2. Why Sad Shibow?

Well, I’m not always Sad Shibow. Sometimes I’m Cranky Shibow, Anxious Shibow, Hungry Shibow, Hilarious Shibow…you get the picture. This really isn’t helping me distinguish myself from that other Sybil, I know.

But, Sad Shibow = Baking Shibow. Every broken heart and bad day I’ve ever had has involved butter, sugar, my oven and an eventual, satisfied half-smirk that gradually turned into a half-smile (I don’t grin).  If you want, you can think of this blog as one woman’s mission to bake her way to happiness. That is really lame, so please don’t do that.

3. Are you a professional baker?

God no. I work in advertising. I’m an amateur with good friends and family members who enjoy the delirium of sugar shock.

4. Will you make me something?

Who’s asking? 😉

5. What happens to the treats you make?

I like giving away most of what I bake. Usually I’ll bring them to parties or package them up and hand them off to loved ones, because I’m generous like that (also, I am the Devil). If anyone knows of shelters or organizations in the NYC area that accept baked goods as donations, please let me know!



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