Hi! I’m Sybil, also known as Sad Shibow. I am not a fan of writing about myself. My friend Justin told me to go for “Food Loving Sarcastic Roustabout,” not “Weeping Lifetime-Movie Loving Scorned Woman.” So…yeah.

I am a:

  • Baker, through good and bad times (and sad times….and rad times)
  • Drummer
  • Lover of all things Swell Season (I will never not mention that)
  • Permanent nerd
  • Ordained Minister, who will totally marry you, you crazy kids
  • Super-fan who really gets it, Kanye
  • Blogger who loves you
  • …And so forth

Also, just because I bake when I’m sad doesn’t make this Like Water For Chocolate: The Blog. Does everyone remember that book? This is the exact opposite of that book. If you’re not familiar with that book, don’t look it up. Oh, and don’t look up the book or movie Sybil. Thanks!

Questions, comments, suggestions and recipes are always welcome unless they’re mean or you and I are in a fight. Happy sad baking!

One Response to “About”

  1. nkemkalu May 8, 2011 at 12:44 pm #

    Not even kidding, I LOVE your blog. The storied intros remind me of our days working together on 56th Street, talking nerdy smack about everything!

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