These Are The Material Goods You’ve Been Looking For.

It's the Rockefeller tree, ya'll! Granted, it has yet to be lit and also this picture is from around this time last year but... holiday spirit?
It’s the Rockefeller tree, ya’ll! Granted, it has yet to be lit and also this picture is from around this time last year but… holiday spirit?

Ok, so, full disclosure: this is a post in which I recommend products to you. I get a teeny commission if you decide to buy anything from any of the links provided, but keep two things in mind: I love you guys and I ain’t no sellout (I also ain’t no snitch, but I said two things so…). There is nothing on the below list that I haven’t purchased/wouldn’t purchase if I weren’t so darned broke and living in a tiny apartment. Most of the reason I’m doing this is I keep getting all of these crazy promotional emails for nutty sales that I want to share with ya’ll. Especially with the holidays coming up, I think now might be a good time to share some of my favorite things with you guys. Read on, friends!

First off, Sur La Table is having a BOSS Thanksgiving flash sale (link below), for those of you celebrating the holiday. If you’re brave and awesome and brave, there is a Waring Pro deep-fryer that is on super discount at almost 50% off, today only. Get on it, and then please save me a hunk of fried meat. Will love you eternally. 

Flash Sale! Today Only! Save Up To 60% On Popular Thanksgiving Products at!

Also at Sur La Table are these gorgeous Le Creuset mixing bowls, which I am inappropriately in love with and have just purchased myself because they’re on sale. My favorite thing about these bowls are the handles and spout, because you cannot know how disgustingly clumsy I am. I will take all of the help you will give, and then ask for more. There is also this fabulous autumnal-colored cast-iron dutch oven, also on super sale, that will absolutely last you forever. 

Now, for all of your cookbook needs, and specifically all of your cupcake-related cookbook needs, I’d like to present Robicelli’s: A Love Story, a book that combines saucy language with glorious sweet creations. This book is my best friend. No, but really though, we tell each other everything, me and this book. We’re, like, inseparable, me and this book. Guys I know, it’s weird. But the cookbook just gets me, you know?


Created by the married couple who owns Robicelli’s Bakery in Brooklyn, this book will soon be my one real connection to one of my favorite sweet spots. That’s correct, friends, Robicelli’s is closing, and I am handling the news like the champ I am.


Yup, total champ. Many of you know Robicelli’s because of the monster success of Nutellasagna, a crazy dessert that deserves every bit of hype it has received, and then some. Get over to the store and try some before it closes at the end of the year, or order a hunk of the stuff, plus pretty much everything else, online. If you do swing by the store, be on the lookout for me, creepily weeping just outside, by the window. 

And lastly, there is a certain popular film franchise that has been discussed quite a bit around these parts recently…likely because the force is being awakened in less than a month and some of us have been told to control ourselves despite the fact that we physically just cannot. If you’re looking for holiday presents for the Star Wars nerd baker in your life (there are more of us than you’d like to believe, sorry to tell you) look no further.



So, that’s that for now. I’ll pop in from time to time with more recommendations, especially since we’re close to the holidays and I am hella ridiculous with finding deals. If you’ve got a specific question or just wanna be all “what’s up, Sad Shibow, let’s be homies,” comment below! 


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