Psssst. You Know Thanksgiving’s Coming Right? Cool. Just Checking. We’re Cool.

This is a mac and cheese waffle, which you didn't know you needed until this moment. #postthanksgivingsnacks
This is a mac and cheese waffle, which you didn’t know you needed until this moment. #postthanksgivingsnacks

Happy Friday the 13th, ya’ll! Anyone else pretending this is your lucky day to avoid it being your totally unlucky day? Um… no? Ok. Moving on then.


Why? You’re asking me why? YOU KNOW WHY! (Jimmy’s been hiding from me lately. He definitely knows why.)

So, because I am nuts and also because Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, I am insanely busy. Weirdly, for once, I am busy. It’s like all the cool/weird/random things decided to just wait until the end if the year to happen, and I am in the eye of the damned storm. It’s mostly event-related and cookie-related, and I am not complaining because the more time I spend at events and enveloped inappropriately in cookies, the less time I spend crying and whining. Woot!

So, with that said, while I am off recipe-testing sweets for this Thanksgiving– and yes, I will absolutely update you all with new sweets next week– I am leaving you with some of my favorite Turkey day recipes from years past. Enjoy, and I will see you next week, likely full of tears and butter! ❤


By Shibow

I bake. I drum. I love lamp.

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